How to take pictures of Your Computer Screen

If we use windows 7 Operating System, we will not get difficulty for taking picture of our computer screen because application for it has already installed in widows 7. Name of the application is snipping tool. What about windows XP? How do we take pictures of Your Computer Screen? In windows XP, we do not need application to do it. We just use Print Screen SysRq. Look at right side of your computer keyboard.
The way to take pictures of Computer Screen:
  • Choose screen computer that you want make as picture
  •  Press print Screen SysRq
  • Click start then click All Programs, after that click Accessories and click Paint
  • Look at the left side, click edit then click paste.
  •  Change Save as type 24-bit Bitmap(*Bmp,*dib) into  JPEG (*JPG,*JPEG,*JPE,*JFIF)

  •  Click save

That was simple way to take picture of your computer screen. Thanks for visiting send4u

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